Dodgers vs. Red Sox – WORLD SERIES | GAME 1, BOS leads 1-0

Red Sox beat Dodgers 8-4 at Fenway in World Series opener
Andrew Benintendi, J.D. Martinez and the Boston Red Sox came out swinging in the World Series opener, seizing every advantage in their quirky ballpark to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-4 on a chilly, windy Tuesday night.

Scoring Summary

Inning LAD BOS
1st Benintendi singled to right, Betts scored, Benintendi to second advancing on throw. 0 1
1st Martinez singled to center, Benintendi scored. 0 2
2nd Kemp homered to left (389 feet). 1 2
3rd Machado singled to left, Turner scored, Freese to second. 2 2
3rd Martinez doubled to deep center, Pearce scored. 2 3
5th Machado grounded out to second, Dozier scored, Turner to third. 3 3
5th Bogaerts grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Betts scored, Pearce out at second, Benintendi to third. 3 4
5th Devers singled to right, Benintendi scored, Bogaerts to second. 3 5
7th Machado hit sacrifice fly to center, Muncy scored. 4 5
7th Núñez homered to left (373 feet), Benintendi and Martinez scored. 4 8


Team Stats